New Music: Betty Buckley ‘Ghostlight’

The Randy Report
September 17, 2014

Tony Award-winner Betty Buckley’s fantastic new album, Ghostlight, is available today at all major music outlets.  The project reunites Buckley with longtime friend and legendary producer T Bone Burnett.

“T Bone single-handedly changed the world of music and makes each project more perfect than the last,” said Buckley, who first worked with the producer when they were both 19 in Fort Worth, TX, in an earlier statement. “The gift of this project is beyond my ability to even express; it is my dream record.”

“All great art comes from the edge, not a place of comfort,” added Burnett. “Our vision was for a ghostly haunting sound, which I called ‘crime jazz,’ giving the project a timeless feel.”

I’ve been listening to an advance copy and the entire project is sheer art.  One of the hallmarks of the project is Buckley’s restraint in utilizing the power of her evocative instrument.  Like holding back a stallion from full gallop, you can constantly feel the power underneath.

The ‘crime jazz’ element T Bone references is abundantly on display with my favorite track, “Lazy Afternoon,” which ebbs and flows from haunting lilt into an ambient, psychedelic meditation. The creative and emotional edge here catch me and never let go.

Songs featured on the album follow:

1. Come To Me Bend To Me

2. If You Go Away

3. Blue Skies

4. Throw It Away

5. Lazy Afternoon

6. Bewitched

7. This Nearly Was Mine

8. Body And Soul

9. Comin Back To Me

10. Dreamsville

11. Take It With Me When I Go

12. Where Time Stands Still

The title of the recording, according to press notes, comes from “the tradition in the theatre where, after the performance in the dark theatre, a lone light bulb is left on at night to keep the ghosts company. This light is called a ghost light.”

Trust and believe, the spirits of Ghostlight keep excellent company in the presence of Buckley’s artistry.