BWW Review: Betty Buckley Brings Righteous Anger to Joe’s Pub in Exceptional STORY SONGS #2

Betty Buckley‘s STORY SONGS #2, the artist’s new show at Joe’s Pub running through Sunday night, was initially supposed to have another, darker title. She won’t divulge the original choice, but one can certainly imagine.

A lot has happened since her original STORY SONGS of last September, starting with the obvious in an election gone wrong fewer than two months later, and currently resting on an exhausting, disheartening Hollywood sexual assault and harassment scandal. Making a sequel to the original, which, as a mixtape of numbers rich to the core with vibrant tales, was one of 2016’s best solo shows, it feels like a momentary return to some form of normalcy, musical comfort food in its purest form.

So, STORY SONGS #2, it is. And with a sequel comes a significantly more directional show and a reflective Buckley, full of righteous anger. A “rock ‘n’ roll chick at heart” and a former groupie, the importance of a narrative and of a great band are immediate.


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